迎娶時,米篩的意義? 可以用黑傘代替?

新娘進出禮車時,應由男方一位長輩持米篩(台語:ㄊㄟ)或黑傘頂在新娘頭上 並扶持新娘進入大廳。
(米篩意:帶胎來生兒滿米篩。 嫁妝店有在賣)

但因各地習俗不同, 有一說是:
南部用米篩, 但如果懷孕要用黑傘



The ceremony the bride into the car or out of the car should be an elder woman holding a black umbrella top rice sieve or in support of the bride and the bride's head into the hall.
(The Rice huller screen meaning: Afterlife children with fetal rice sieve full dowry shop selling.)

But around the customs of different, there is one that is:
Using rice sieve in the Taiwan south, but if you use black umbrella means pregnancy

But some people think there is no difference, mainly to see the bride, groom and elders feel good.

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